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The design of the roof structure depends on the loading on the roof ... including wind loading, rain/snow loading, ..., choice of constituent building materials, the type of finish desired on the roof, roof insulation considerations, ...

The roof makes a major part of the building shell.

In our discusion of the anatomy of a building roof we talked about the roof structure as being the skeleton. Typically, the roof weatherproofing, and the aesthetic considerations (the looks) dictate the choice of the roof type to be used.




Roof dead and live loads, such as the self load of the roof structure and the roof covering, the wind loading, the rain/snow loading, and loading from other extreme forces such as hurricanes, and earthquakes, ...


As I discussed in the structural member configuration the roof structure has to be designed in such a way that it can safely transfer the input loads to the building's load bearing walls, and columns if any.

Ultimately, all the loding imposed on the roof has to be transfered to the supporting beams, columns if any, load-bearing walls, then to the building foundation and finally to mother earth.

We need to ensure that the roof structure is capable of carrying and transfering the input loading safely and securely to the supporting medium downstream.

The design of the roof-structure will depend on the major constituent materials as we discussed in the anatomy of a building roof. As far as the roof structure is concerned, the more common ones today are ...

  • flat roof deck
  • low-pitch roof trusses
  • pitched roof trusses
  • pitched roof with hips, valleys, dormers
  • roof with sky-light(s)
  • dome roof
  • folded-plate roof
  • shell roof
  • ....
  • ....


In designing the roof structure as a system, we have to ensure that the loads from the roof structure can be safely carried by the supporting medium, the roof beams, roof trusses, roof girders, columns if any, and the load bearing walls, and so on.

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For further information or help with your specific building roof project, or any part of it such as ...

  • roof structural arrangement
  • design of roof beams
  • dessign of roof deck
  • design of roof trusses
  • ....
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