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Doors and windows are part of the building envelope which is a critical component of any facility since it both protects the building occupants and plays a major role in regulating the indoor environment. The building envelope controls the flow of energy between the interior and exterior of the building. The building envelope can be considered the selective pathway for a building to work with the climate-responding to heating, cooling, ventilating, and natural lighting needs.

Doors and windows in an energy efficient building should be located, chosen and installed with care -- these should be energy efficient and installed correctly. Location of doors and windows and their sizes should be based on careful consideration of daylighting, heating, and ventilating strategies.

In addition to location and size of doors and windows, the climatic conditions, site's solar geometry, the efficiency of doors and windows, thermal efficiency, reflectivity, the environ, including the location of trees and the landscaping around the building should be chosen with care for human comfort and energy efficiency.

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