Building-System ...

In looking at the energy efficient building-system, let us look at the type of structure, and the style of the building.

The type of structure relates to how the loads are carried through various components of the building-system and eventually transfered to mother earth. The style of building relates to the form, the function, the shape, and the looks of your dream home / energy efficient building.

Type Of Structure

Broadly speaking there are three generic types of structure that can be distinguished by the way in which imposed loads are distributed through them:

  1. Solid Structures such as log walls and plank floors in which loads are transfered through the body of the constituent log and plank elements

  2. Skeletal Structures such as post and beam construction, roof trusses, and portal frames in which loads are transfered longitudinally along the members of the constituent elements.

  3. Surface Structures such as shell roofs, and stressed-skin panels in which longitudinal and transverse loads are transfered throught the thin walls of the elements to edge members and from there on to supports.

Style Of Building

There are many style of buildings, depending on the form, the function, the shape and the looks of the building. These would be too numerous so let us look at a few of these ...

Using Energy Efficient Building-System

We ought to use energy wisely. Our homes and buildings consume a fair share of our total energy use. With the increasing energy prices, it makes even more sense economically.

Anatomy Of The Building-System

You will see the building-system disected and I talk about the structure, the back-bone of the building and its various constituent parts. From there we will move on to the current choices in energy efficient building-systems read more on building-system-anatomy


We will present here some fascinating structures for their significant attributes related to building-system, design, type of structure,, magnitude, and type of materials used.

beginning of building-system

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