Inspect-And-Occupy ...


Foundation and/or Slab/Under-Floor Inspection --> Envelope Certificate and Mechanical Certificate

Frame Inspection --> Envelope Certificate

Insulation Inspection --> Envelope Certificate

Final Mechanical Inspection --> Mechanical Certificate

Final Electrical Inspection --> Lighting Certificate

Certificate of Occupancy

Insprct-and-Occupy ... In many municipalities throughout the country, local building officials are required to inspect all homes, apartments and commercial buildings before anyone new is allowed to move in. If the homes do not pass this inspection, they cannot technically be sold.

Conditional Certificate of Occupancy

It is possible that the buyer may promise the municipality to correct the inspection deficiencies once the sale goes through. if this is acceptable to the municipality, the building then receives a conditional Certificate of Occupancy until all inspection items are corrected. Any deficiencies noted during this inspection that are considered hazardous or serious in nature must be corrected immediately before any type of Certificate of Occupancy can be issued.

A Field Inspection Checklist

based on

U.S. Department of Energy's -- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Building Energy Code Program
ComCheck -- Commercial Code Compliance

Foundation and/or Slab/Under-Floor Inspection

  • slab-edge insulation installed
  • below-grade wall insulation installed
  • under-floor insulation installed
  • ducts insulated and sealed / pipes insulated

Frame Inspection

  • all joints and penetrations are caulked, gasketed, weatherstripped, or otherwise sealed
  • windows, doors and skylights certified as meeting leakage requirements
  • window and skylight areas per drawings/specifications
  • window and skylight U-factors acceptable
  • window shading installed per drawings/specifications

Insulation Inspection

  • wall insulation installed
  • ceiling/roof insulation installed
  • vapor retarders installed -- Exception: some zones/states (generally Zones 2-7) exempted

Final Mechanical Inspection

  • Heating and Cooling System Controls
    • One setback thermostat w/battery backup and accessible override -- Exceptions for setback requirement:
      • residences and hotel/motel guest rooms
      • areas that operate continuously
      • heat-pump thermostat used with heat pump
    • Air economizer on systems greater than 90000 BTU/Hour
      • exempted climate zones
      • residences, supermarkets, hotel guest rooms
      • high-efficiency cooling equipment tradeoff

  • Outdoor Air Ventilation
    • Outdoor air provided to each space
    • Shutoff dampers in restaurant make-up air systems

  • Duct Construction
    • Duct Insulation installed
    • Duct sealed

  • Hydronic Heating System
    • Pipe insulation
      • 1/2" on heating coil branches
      • 1-1/2" on circulation loops
    • Part-load efficiency method -- Temperature reset/variable flow

  • Other Multiple-Zone Mechanical Requirements
  • Water Heating Systems
    • Heater traps -- Integral to water heater or field fabricated
    • Pipe Insulation on inlet/outlet pipes
    • Recirculating systems
      • Insulation thickness
      • Automatic time -switch

Final Electrical Inspection