Floors ...

a major and an important component of your energy efficient building

Let us classify the floors of your energy efficient building as ...

o basement if your building has one
o supported (suspended) floors

Basement floor typically would be a slab-on-grade construction, and depending on parameters such as site conditions, potential natural hazards for the site, and more particularly, the soil condition, competence, and capability, it could also be ...

  • mat / raft slab
  • grid work of beams and slab construction
  • slab supported on piles / caissons
  • post-tensioned slab
  • ....

Supported (suspended) floor construction might be ...

  • wood deck on wood joists, engineered wood joists, or open web steel joists
  • concrete slab supported on beams or joists
  • concrete slab on metal deck supported on beams or joists
  • composite construction concrete slab on metal deck supported on beams or joists,
  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) deck construction
  • precast concrete deck construction ....
The choice of type and the materials used depend on factors, such as the nature of the project, the project owners needs and preferences, the energy conservation features incorporated in the project, the type of heating system to be used -- for example whether you are going to use radiant heat, and also the type of finish you desire.

Anatomy of a Building Floor

Let us disect the floor, bare it open and talk about the structure (the skeleton) of the floor, and the floor finish (the skin) of the floor. From there we will move on to the current choices in energy efficient floors and floor-systems -- read more about Anatomy of a Building Floor

beginning of floors

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