Foundation-Anatomy ...

Your energy efficient building must be well founded so it can withstand normal loading as well as extreme forces and it should also be well insulated.

The need for a well designed foundation so that your dream home will always be safe and secure can not be overemphasized.

Foundation-Anatomy Figure

Oh brother anatomy -- no worries, I am not going to bore you with physically disecting the foundation, we just want to peek into the makeup of the foundation, no load calculations or stress analysis here either -- this is just to present to you pictorially what is going on behind the scenes.

Foundation of Your energy efficient Home / Building Should

  • be structurally sound
  • be water-proofed
  • be cost-effective
  • provide good insulation
  • provide healthy conditions
  • prevent infiltration of harmful gases
  • be resistant to natural hazards
  • be functional
  • ...

There are a number of options for designing the foundation out there today that will meet the preceding requirements. Let us look at a brief summary of the various materials, configurations and characteristics of such a foundation.

Concrete In-Situ Concrete Field Built
Wood Precast Concrete Shop Built
Steel Wood joists Combo: Shop & Field
Plastics Steel joists Panelized
Straw Bale Wood Frame / Truss Tilt-Up
Adobe Steel Frame / Truss Laminate Construction
Autoclaved Concrete Light Gage Steel Structurally Adhesed
Grancrete ICF (Insulating Concrete Form) Pressed
... SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) Engineered Lumber
... ... Stressed Skin Construction
... ... ...
... ... ...

It behoves all of us to use energy wisely. And with the enormous increase in energy prices, it also makes economic sense. Typical foundation options will include some of the following ...
  • strip footings for walls
  • isolated column footings
  • combined column footings
  • mat or raft fondation
  • pile foundation
  • caisson foundation
  • slab-on-grade
  • beam and slab grid
  • post-tensioned slab system
  • insulated concrete deck
  • precast prestressed concrete components
  • Hollow Core conrete deck
  • ....
  • ....
which have a number of variants with unique characteristics and features. The options that provide more energy eficient solutions are gaining in popularity over the traditional plain vanilla ones.

At Energy Efficient Building Network, we can help you with the foundation design-build requirements of your energy efficient building project.

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  • Design of Combined Column Footings
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