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Energy Efficient Building Network professionals have the needed know-how and experience to design and build your energy efficient building to be cost-effective

Energy Efficient Building Network provides services related to project management, designing and building for construction of energy efficient buildings.

Whether you are planning to build

  • Your Dream Home
  • A Commercial Building
  • or Multi-Unit Residential
  • or even A Manufacturing Building
  • ....

it doesn't matter -- energy efficiency ought to be a primary criterion. Using energy wisely and efficiently is good not only from energy conservation point of view, it also makes great economic sense.

At Energy Efficient Building Network, we will help your design and build it cost-effectively. Building design and construction takes a great deal of expertise, tender loving care, and great attention to details in execution.

We will design your building with the right building system, choosing energy efficient products and systems, so that your energy efficient building makes sense regarding ...

  • cost of energy efficient building
    • on first cost basis
    • as well as on life-cycle cost basis
    • ....
and then there are intrinsic factors that have an enormous impact but may not be easy to quantify or monetize, such as ...
  • the impact of our dwinding energy resources
    • for our own future needs
    • and our children's and grand-children's needs
    • consequences of exploiting mother nature's precious resources
    • long term impact on our quality of life for not living in harmony with nature
    • ....

So, you see it makes sense to design and build with energy efficieny as a primary criterion ... we can not afford not to!

We partner with local professionals -- designers, builders, specialty contractors, suppliers, and developers to enable our Energy Eficient Building Network to design and build your energy efficient building to be cost-effective.

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For further information or help with your dream home / building project, or its parts, such as ...

  • Project Planning
  • Project Feasibility study / investigation
  • Project Financing
  • Project Site Evaluation / Selection
  • Project Design
  • Project Construction
  • ....

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If you are involved with energy efficient building projects as:
  • Designer
  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Contractor
  • Specialty contractor
  • Surveyor
  • Developer
  • Supplier
  • Financier
  • ....
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if you want a well insulated home with insulating concrete forms we are the experts for energy efficient home designs