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Energy Efficient Building Network Can Help With Your Residential / Commercial Building Ceiling Project

The ceiling needs to be ...

  o functional
  o structurally sound
  o compatible with ceiling fixtures
  o easy to clean and maintain
  o good looking
  o according to your taste & decor

There are a number of options available for the ceilings in your dream home. We will talk more about these based on your level of interest and detail you need.

In regard to Design-Build-Ceiling project, unless your energy efficient building sports architecturally exposed floor, and roof structure , you will have ...
  • ceiling under the roof
  • ceiling for supported floors

Let us look at your ceiling ...

  • ceiling is generally directly below the structure of your floor / roof
  • gap between the ceiling and the structure of the floor / roof allows for accomodating
    • electrical wiring and conduits, ...
    • tubes, pipes, and ducts, ...
    • lighting fixtures, recessed lights, ...
    • speakers for sound system, piping music, ...
    • registers for environment control, ...
    • fire suppression piping, headers and nodes, ...
    • ....
  • ceiling may be suspended, attached to the bottom of the floor / ceiling structural members, or may even be the soffit of the floor / ceiling structure itself
  • ceiling may
    • be sheet rocked (dry walled)
    • be tiled
    • be plasterd
    • be paneled
    • be plain, fancy, or sculptured
    • have moulding along the wall interface
    • ....

In case of ceiling under the roof, the area above the ceiling needs to be well insulated to provide for a tight building envelope.


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For further information or help with your dream home / building project, or its parts, such as ...

  • Project Planning
  • Project Feasibility Study / Investigation
  • Project Financing
  • Project Site Evaluation / Selection
  • Project Design
  • Project Construction
  • ....

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