Project ColB1-103
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Industrial Building Addition Work

The industrial process for this building addition needs a nominally 10 ft deep, 10 ft wide and 30 ft long pit in the floor.

In this post we will see the pit dug up, the floor of the pit has been poured, installation of reinforcing steel for the walls is in progress. The inner surface of the walls of the pit will be formed and the outer surface of the walls will be dirt formed.

Here is a picture of the pit -- I will keep you posted with more details as we go along.

Industrial-Building-Addition-10-Ft-Deep-Pit-In-The-Floor-ColB1-103 ... Picture 1


ANAND Enterprises Project ColB1-103

beginning of Industrial-Building-Addition-10-Ft-Deep-Pit-In-The-Floor-ColB1-103

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