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In response to a call from the contractor and the home-owner, I visited the project site and I met the home owner, the contractor, and the Building Official, to look at the situation with the framing for the house.

I did not have any involvement in the design or the construction of this project until the call. When I am dealing with an after the fact situation like this one, I do the following …

  1. review the project documents
  2. interview the owner, the contractor, the trades people, the suppliers, and others as required
  3. conduct a walk-down inspection of the facility to determine how things were done

  4. and additionally if requested, I also do the following …

  5. locate/create documents and/or reports needed by the Building Official
  6. then work with the Building Official to help close out any open items to ensure satisfactory resolution of related items

I am helping close out items 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 on Building Official's Notice of Violations.

The open items I am going to help close out can be generally categorized as …

  • ICF Headers
  • Joist Layout for First Floor
  • Steel Floor Framing
  • Attachment of Rim Joist to ICF walls
  • General Inspection of Structural Items

I have addressed each of the preceding items by …
  • conducting a walk-down of the entire facility
  • taking pictures of the typical structural items (the pictures are presented in this post for reference)
  • discussing the related issues with the responsible trades personnel
  • generating needed documents for the Building Official

ICF Headers

person interviewed: Robert Martin of Steel Studs & Joists

The headers over openings for doors, windows, and arch-ways are reinforced concrete beams minimum 12" deep with a minimum of 1 - #5 bar at the bottom, and #3 ties at 10" c/c. The header beams are designed to carry all the loading imposed on the header beam.

Joist Layout for First Floor

person interviewed: Robert Martin of Steel Studs & Joists

The First Floor Open Web Steel Joists are 14" deep 14 Gage as shown in Figure 1 supplied by Steel Studs & Joists Inc.

In the next post, I will take up the Steel Floor Framing

ICF-House-New-Construction-Framing-Issues-Project-EneE1OmaE1-101 ... Figure 1


ANAND Enterprises project EneE1OmaE1-101

beginning of ICF-House-New-Construction-Framing-Issues-Project-EneE1OmaE1-101

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