Jan-20-2007 Update
from our portfolio of Recent Projects

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In my Jan-19-2007 update on Renovation-of-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan I had mentioned that the store will get a new brick facade. Behind the existing front wall face is the old brick wall. The owners however have opted for New Face Brick in front of the existing brick wall.

We looked at several options for supporting the New face Brick -- on the footing ledge; supporting it on a shelf angle mounted to the existing structure; a new trench footing, a new shallow frost protected foundation and so on.

Finally, The new trench footing option was selected to support the New Face Brick. The trench footing on the West end dug to be 42" below grade revaled that it was all competent sand underneath. So on the East end we dug the trench just deep enough to provide for an 8" thick concrete level base for support of the New Face Brick

The brick layer will install brick ties into existing structure nominally 16" c/c horizontally and every 7th couse vertically, flashing, and weep holesfor the New Face Brick.

There are some cracks in the upper part of the existing brick wall. We want to ensure that the New Face Brick will be adequately supported -- so where the existing brick is cracked, the mortat joints would be ground and tuck pointed, and we will also provide for lateral bracing of the top of the wall to the roof structure.

I present some pictures here of work being done on the footing for the New Face Brick.

Picture 1 ... Footing-for-New-Face-Brick-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

The guys working on the footing for the New Face Brick -- we see John in the foreground, then Robert, and then Amir in the background

ANAND Enterprises project Renovation-of-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

Picture 2 ... Footing-for-New-Face-Brick-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

Here is a full shot of the front wall that will receive New Face Brick

ANAND Enterprises project Renovation-of-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

Picture 3 ... Footing-for-New-Face-Brick-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

This shot shows the cracks in the existing brick wall

ANAND Enterprises project Renovation-of-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

Picture 4 ... Footing-for-New-Face-Brick-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

Here is a close-up of the front wall at the new front entrance door

ANAND Enterprises project Renovation-of-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

beginning of Footing-for-New-Face-Brick-Ramez-Rasho-and-Senan-Sesi-Party-Store-on-Wick-Road-in-Taylor-Michigan

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