Posted on Jan-28-2007

It happened on Hilldrop Court in Town 'n Country in Tampa Florida on Jan-28-2007 around 9:30 Sunday morning. A huge chunk of ice damaged the car -- a Ford Mustang belonging to Carlos Javage’s son. “He left the car here overnight, and they called him to tell him a piece of ice had totaled his car, and I told him, he’s crazy,” Javage said. Police say they checked with air traffic control to see if any planes were flying in the area when the ice hit the car. But their investigation shows there were none.

So that leaves the question—what happened?

“We’re guessing an airplane, or some weird meteorological phenomenon,” said neighbor John Young. Ramon Rodriguez was the only one on the block who was there when the ice hit.

Ice falling from sky Jan-28-2007 for more details

Well, this is uncommon, but there are several happenings like this

On Apr-09-2006, ice fell at Bushrod Park in Oakland early Saturday when homeowner Jacek Purat of Berkeley was waiting nearby to show apartments to prospective renters. "It was totally amazing. ... I saw this flash, like a streak. Then I saw this explosion, like a big boom! I came over and it (the field) was all covered with ice. Some were this big," Purat said, making a head-size circle with his two hands.

Brooks and Judith Mencher said they were standing on their back porch near the park when they heard a sound like a very loud rocket. "It kind of went 'whoosh!"' Brooks Mencher said.

The impact "knocked turf 20 feet away," according to Oakland Police Sgt. Ron Lighten. No one was injured. Lt. Charles Glass of the Oakland Fire Hazardous Materials Team said the ice was pure water. "It didn't come from a toilet on a plane or anything like that." Huge Block Of Ice Falls From Sky In Oakland Refer to Ice Falling from Sky Apr-09-2006 for more details

On Mar-24-2006, ice falling from sky caused hundreds of pounds of damage to a car owned by Stephanie Cole of Great Glen in Leicestershire, which was parked outside her house. The car owner is demanding an explanation after a football-sized lump of ice fell from the sky and smashed into her car. A statement from officials at Nottingham East Midlands Airport, revealed that an Easyjet aircraft was flying over Great Glen at the time of the incident. For more details see Woman's car hit by ice from sky Mar-24-2006

What are the implications here? ... What causes this sort of abnormal loading? What is the probability of this type of loading impacting residential and commercial facilities. Would the Building Code Authorities be addressing this sort of loading ... what about ASCE-7? ... interesting questions ... but it is too early to tell how this pans out.

Abnormal-Loading-Huge-Chunk-of-Ice-Falling-from-Sky ...


Abnormal-Loading-Huge-Chunk-of-Ice-Falling-from-Sky ...


Abnormal-Loading-Huge-Chunk-of-Ice-Falling-from-Sky ...


beginning of Abnormal-Loading-Huge-Chunk-of-Ice-Falling-from-Sky

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